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What Is EcoSmart Choice Power?

EcoSmart Choice Electric Power is a program that allows you to buy some or all of your electricity from clean, renewable sources like wind, hydroelectric and biomass energy. EcoSmart Choice Power produces fewer pollutants than traditional power sources, and can help keep our environment cleaner and greener for generations to come.

EcoSmart Choice Renewable Energy 

EcoSmart Choice is WMS green pricing program, which allows customers of our electric utility to support renewable energy development. The program is available to residential and commercial / industrial customers.
Green pricing programs such as EcoSmart Choice are based on the purchase and retirement of renewable energy certificates (RECs). The REC is equivalent to the "greenness" of the electricity that is generated. Essentially, for each megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity that is generated from renewable resources, one REC is created. For each REC that is purchased and used by our utility for the green pricing program, one MWh of traditional (non-renewable) electric generation is offset. Once RECs are used for this purpose, they are essentially retired. The buying and selling of RECs through green pricing programs such as EcoSmart Choice enables electric utilities to deliver the benefits of renewable energy to more customers, regardless of their power supply mix.

Customer Benefits

  • By signing up for Wyandotte Municipal Services’ “green pricing” program, a customer using 750 kWh per month can avoid 8,500 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO 2) emissions into the air each year. That’s as much CO2 as a car produces driving 10,000 miles.

  • By participating in the program and choosing renewable energy, customers help stimulate demand for new renewable facilities.

  • A portion of the extra cost will be used to support local renewable energy projects or purchases of additional energy from sustainable resources.


  • Hydroelectric: AMP operates the Belleville Hydroelectric Station located on the Ohio River at the Belleville Locks and Dam. 
  • Landfill Gas: AMP purchases the electric output from a number of Ohio landfill gas facilities.
  • Wind: AMP operates Ohio’s first utility-scale wind farm, located in Bowling Green. While the RECs from this facility are not available at this time, AMP’s participation in additional wind projects is expected to add wind into the mix for the EcoSmart Choice program.


Does it cost more?

Yes. Because EcoSmart Choice Electric Power costs more to produce than traditional power, a premium of approximately $.015 is added to the rate you are currently being charged. Given the major environmental benefits, we hope you'll find EcoSmart Choice Power worth the cost.

How does EcoSmart Choice Power work?

Signing up is easy: Just contact WMS or sign up online.  You'll start receiving EcoSmart Choice Electric Power on following month’s billing cycle. There are no interruptions of service, no special hookups, and no start-up fees.

Can I switch back at any time?

Yes, however, you must contact WMS Customer Assistance at 734.324.7190 to cancel your subscription.  It will be removed upon the next billing cycle. 

How will EcoSmart Choice Power be delivered to my home or business?

Electricity generated by the EcoSmart Choice program will be fed into the overall power supply system. The power to your home will then be drawn from the overall supply. Although EcoSmart Choice does not go directly from the source to your home or business, it does directly replace other power on the grid.

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