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Security Lighting (Dusk to Dawn Lighting Service)

WMS offers Security Lighting as a service to all our residents and business owners.  Keep your property and family/personnel safe with well-lit areas.
‘Dusk to dawn lighting service’ is provided by means of ballast operated lamp fixtures on a suitable wood pole. The service includes all electrical energy used and all maintenance required to provide service under this rate.  Not all areas will be suitable for Security Lighting installation.

Monthly Rates

For lamps set on an existing Department's pole:
  • 100 watt HPs or equivalent $8.10
  • 250 watt HPs or equivalent $11.34
  • 400 watt HPs or equivalent $17.79
For lamps set on a new pole specifically to provide Security Light service:
  • 100 watt HPs or equivalent $10.94
  • 260 watt HPs or equivalent $14.18
  • 400 watt HPs or equivalent $22.65


Each prospective customer shall make formal application for this ‘dusk to dawn lighting service’ by calling Customer Assistance at 734.324.7190 and they will redirect the call to the proper personnel in the Electric Department. The application shall be processed through the Electric Line Department and General Office for approval. During the processing period, the customer will be consulted for the purpose of determining the number of, and the location of, each unit to be installed.

Contract Agreement 

Prior to any portion of a new customer's ‘dusk to dawn lighting service’ being installed, said customer will sign an ‘Outdoor Security Lighting Agreement’. The initial term of such agreement shall be one (1) year for installation on an existing pole or two (2) years on installations involving the setting of one or more new poles. An exception to these conditions will apply when a 400 watt unit is installed on an existing pole, the term of this agreement shall be automatically extended for additional periods of one (1) year unless cancelled by either party. 
Agreements may be cancelled by either party any time after the initial term period, or during extended periods, upon thirty (30) days written notice.
Wyandotte Municipal Services reserves the right to remove the unit, together with poles, conductor fixtures or appurtenances, at any time upon failure of the customer to pay the agreed upon charge.


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